10 Day Devotional Challenge – Day 5

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The Evil Day

“Therefore, put on the full amour of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”

—Ephesians 6:13

Sometimes I struggle with the fact that God called me to be a writer. Our family life is busy, and I must intentionally make time to get my thoughts from my head onto my computer. My husband, who is a hands-on kind of guy, has a hard time understanding my need for time and space to think and create. When I do carve out time to write, it’s easy for me to get distracted by phone calls, social media, and myriads of other things. (Apparently this is a common malady among writers.) Sometimes, when I work on projects like this book, our family experiences spiritual attacks—unusual stresses and events that are suspicious in their timing and severity. However, if I don’t write, I’m miserable and out of sorts. When I’m tempted to give up, I remind myself that I need to be faithful to God’s calling on my life (and sometimes I re-read an encouraging note or review from one of my readers).

In Ephesians 6, the apostle Paul urges Christians to be prepared for “the day of evil.” The Bible uses the Greek word, poneros, which is translated into our English word, “evil.” According to Strong’s Concordance, this word refers to something that is “evil or hurtful in influence or effect.” The Greek word, hemera, is a general word, which can refer to the daylight hours, a whole twenty-four hours, or can also be used figuratively about a general period of time, ranging from days to years. From the context, it appears this is a general reference to times when Satan is active and attacking individual Christians or groups of Christians. In other words, be ready for battle at all times, wherever it takes place.

One of my favourite Bible stories concerning preparing for war is about when God called Gideon. You can find the details in Judges 6-8. Gideon lived in desperate times. The Israelites were inhabiting shelters they’d carved out of the mountain. When they did manage to plant crops, their enemies invaded and ruined them. Foes had also destroyed all the animals. Somehow, Gideon had managed to harvest some grain and he was threshing it in a winepress to hide from the Midianites. While he was in the winepress, an angel appeared and addressed him as “mighty warrior.”

God takes Gideon through several steps of personal preparation. Then Gideon prepares an army. He starts out with thirty-two thousand men, but God tells him that’s too many. God directs Gideon to send home anyone who is afraid. That reduced the army to ten thousand. Then God told Gideon to take his men for a drink of water. Those who cupped their hands and brought the water to their mouths without kneeling were allowed to stay. Gideon only had three hundred men left in his army! God used those three hundred men to destroy the enemy.

Think About It

Is God calling you to do something? Are you willing to obey? Do you have a team of prayer warriors who will stand with you? If you want more ideas on how to put together, and work with, a prayer team, please look at Appendix 5.

Journal your thoughts, or respond in another way that is meaningful to you.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you that you provide all the information, weapons, and support we need for spiritual warfare. Help me to be prepared for evil days in my life. I know that without you, I am powerless. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and guide me in the path you have for me today. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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