Back to school for our kids equals back to ? for parents

28 Aug 2014 Ruth L Snyder


For the past 8 years I’ve had the privilege of editing a newsletter for foster, adoptive, and kinship families in north central Alberta. Often I write short pieces for the newsletter as well. (If you’d like to see current or past issues, go to the north central CFSA website. This is what I wrote for the September 2014 issue:

BACK TO . . .

September. For many of us this means back to school, back to a busier schedule, back to music lessons and sports. I’ve been reminded lately that caregivers usually think of themselves last. While you are helping your children prepare for all the activities that September brings, make sure you reserve some time to think about ways to “recharge” personally or with your significant other. Here are some ideas I’m implementing or going back to:

Older Man Holding Bible

  • Starting the day with something relaxing. For me this means getting up early for some quiet time to read my Bible, pray, and do some writing.

Three young girl friends playing soccer

  • Choosing healthy habits. I’m continuing on with my health and fitness journey. During the summer, some of my habits slipped. Going back to a regular schedule makes it easier for me to be more consistent in sleeping, physical activity and healthy eating.

Woman Holding Road Traffic Sign

  • Setting boundaries. I’ve been thinking about what is truly important to me and have started to say “No” to some things.

Businessman in office with computer and fan cooling off

  • Taking a break from technology. I’m choosing not to use any technology after supper.

Family walking through countryside

  • Nourishing your creativity. I’m being more intentional about taking walks, making up stories, reading about new things, and trying new things.

What are you going back to?


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