It’s Here! The San Francisco Wedding Planner Series 2 Complete

Life couldn't be better. Heather dreamed of being a nurse for years, a goal that motivated her through years of study. Now she's a dedicated obstetrics nurse, dating the most eligible bachelor at Northwest. Heather is enjoying making new friends, learning new skills, and building her career. She's … [Read more...]

You must be rich: Common misconceptions about authors

Last week at a family reunion, someone asked, "Are you rich now that you're a famous author?" I laughed and answered his questions. Since then I've been thinking more about the question and how I would answer if asked again. Yes, I'm rich: I have freedom to make decisions about my daily … [Read more...]

Name the Novel contest

My current work-in-progress is a historical fiction novel with elements of romance and mystery. Here's a brief synopsis: Twenty-two-year-old OLGA TYMCHUK, a newly graduated teacher, looks forward to marrying her fiancée, VIKTOR in July 1959. However, before they marry, Olga is committed to teaching … [Read more...]

New Paperback and July 30 Book Signing

The author team of "The San Francisco Wedding Planner" will be releasing the "Complete Series" ebook & paperback this Thursday evening! Who is on the author team? Jen Cudmore,Patti J. Smith, Mishael Austin Witty, Sheila Seiler Lagrand,and Ruth L. Snyder! Heather Donovan has no time for her own … [Read more...]

Introducing Heather Donovan from the San Francisco Wedding Planner Series

On July 2nd Shadows and Sunshine, volume 6 in the San Francisco Wedding planner Series was released on Amazon. Today I'd like to introduce you to Heather Donovan, the main character in the series. What is your name?  Heather Marie Donovan What one word best describes you?  Some people call me … [Read more...]

News Release: Ruth L. Snyder, Canadian Author, hits #1 on’s hot new release list

Ruth L. Snyder, an author from Glendon, Alberta, hit #1 on’s Hot New Release list in the Christian romance category with her second novella, Shadows and Sunshine, which was released on July 2, 2014. The story is the entertaining conclusion to the San Francisco Wedding Planner Series. This … [Read more...]

Guest Post – Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July by Joseph M. Lewis Imagine how the signers of The Declaration of Independence feel while looking down from heaven and listening to their critics. The thought never occurred to me until my publisher asked me to write a fictional short story relating how John Hancock experienced … [Read more...]

Shadows and Sunshine – Release date July 3, 2014

It's almost here! Shadows and Sunshine, Volume 6 of the San Francisco Wedding Planner series is scheduled to be released on Amazon Kindle on Thursday, July 3rd. Here's a teaser from chapter 5: “Heather, call on line one. Some top brass from the city office. Claims he needs to speak to you … [Read more...]

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