Celebrate my Birthday!

21 Jan 2017 Ruth L Snyder

My brother spent several years in a country where they celebrate birthdays differently than we do in North America. The person who is having a birthday throws a party for his or her friends. I thought I would try that this year.

The price you see listed includes shipping. I think it’s a win/win. You are able to get some new books to read at a super discount, and I’m able to share some of my writing with you. I hope you join the celebration at http://ruthlsnyder.com/shop!

The books include:

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate my Birthday!

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    Heather Ford-Walker

    I love it! On my birthdays, I have held BBQ’s or hosted dances and one year instead of gifts my friends had the option of giving towards the purchase of Bibles for a ministry in Africa. When our money was exchanged there was enough money for 130 Bibles for children and so we were all winners that day realizing the blessing of owning and reading a Bible – we had given those children in another country the best gift ever!

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