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Day 4 – Events & Promotions #10DaySMChallenge

6 Apr 2016 Ruth L Snyder

Social Media Challenge

Welcome to Day 4 of our 10-Day Social Media Challenge!

Please use #10DaySMChallenge when sharing on social media.

Here is an overview of what we will be doing during this challenge:

Day 1 – Get Ready!

Day 2 – Automate & Systematize

Day 3 – Hashtags Matter

Day 4 – Events & Promotions

Day 5 – Share Your Content (Let your followers know what’s happening right now)

Day 6 – Evergreen posts (Tell new fans about your best stuff from the past)

Day 7 – It’s not all about you

Day 8 – Images, quotes, and inspiration

Day 9 – Your Social Media Plan

Day 10 – Wrapping it all up

Events & Promotions

Time-sensitive events and sales are the cornerstone of your social posting. Ideally, you’ll want to plan these posts well in advance, so you have time to:

  1. Create graphics (My favourite tools for this are WordSwag for iPad, PicMonkey, and Canva)
  2. Research hashtags
  3. Plan related content (blog posts, podcasts, etc)

This will help with branding, but more importantly, it will ensure you always know exactly what to write about, what videos to record, and what content to share.

Using a monthly calendar, map out your upcoming events and offers as far in advance as possible, then assign and organize the necessary elements.

In the coming days, I’ll provide more information and resources to help you fill in the gaps.

Other Helpful Information

Day 4 Assignment

Feel free to ask questions or share what’s working for you in the comments below.

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