Day 6 – Evergreen Posts #10DaySMChallenge

Social Media Challenge

Welcome to Day 6 of our 10-Day Social Media Challenge!

Please use #10DaySMChallenge when sharing on social media.

Here is an overview of what we will be doing during this challenge:

Day 1 – Get Ready!

Day 2 – Automate & Systematize

Day 3 – Hashtags Matter

Day 4 – Events & Promotions

Day 5 – Share Your Content (Let your followers know what’s happening right now)

Day 6 – Evergreen posts (Tell new fans about your best stuff from the past)

Day 7 – It’s not all about you

Day 8 – Images, quotes, and inspiration

Day 9 – Your Social Media Plan

Day 10 – Wrapping it all up

Evergreen Posts

Archived blog posts, older podcast episodes, and last-year’s YouTube videos should be an important part of your social media plan.

Don’t just let an automated system recycle your content though. While that sounds like a great plan at first glance (hands-free!), it can have some unexpected results. You want to make sure you are sharing the content that’s going to bring you the most benefits, and you also need to be careful not to re-share things that are no longer relevant, such as time-sensitive posts.

Other Helpful Information

Day 6 Assignment

  • Check your analytics for posts that have the most traction.
  • Go through your older posts, graphics, and videos and look for those that have a strong call to action (and improve others if you can).
  • Choose posts that promote your own products, or evergreen affiliate products.
  • Use the Evergreen Posts Worksheet to record what you will use as part of your social media rotation.

Questions, suggestions, or comments? Share them below!

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