Pushing through the Breakpoint

footprintsMy journey to fitness hit a wall this week. It happened on Wednesday, January 29th. In the morning, while I was on the treadmill, it seemed like thirty minutes lasted for hours. Often I feel tired around the fifteen minute mark. On Wednesday it hit me seven minutes into the routine. I had to push myself, pray, remind myself why I was doing this, and ultimately just keep taking one step at a time. Most of the day I felt like I couldn’t go on. My cravings kicked in – I wanted sugar. More self-talk, more prayer, distracting myself with other things, continuing to take one step at a time. When I reached the end of the day and looked back, I celebrated. I made it!

Breakpoint: According to Wikipedia, there are many different types of breakpoints. In computer programing, it refers to “an execution stop point in the code of a computer program.” In commercial leases, a breakpoint is “the gross sales amount that triggers payment of percentage rent.” In meteorology, breakpoint refers to “a location referred to when issuing watches, warnings, or advisories for specific areas.”

I hit my first fitness breakpoint on Wednesday – the critical time when victory was possible, but defeat was nipping at my heels. The i-fitness instructor on my walking program says it this way, “Come on, push through. I know it’s hard, but you can do it.”

There are several things that helped me “push through”:

  • Remembering my goals
  • Reminding myself I was doing this for myself and for God
  • Taking one step at a time
  • Focusing on my successes, not on how much further I had to go
  • Praying and asking God for strength I didn’t have

Since Wednesday, the journey has been easier. The good, healthy choices seem more automatic. It’s like I’ve crested a hill and am on the downward slope. I know there are more hills, maybe even mountains, ahead. But now that I’ve pushed through this one, I know I can do it again.

What about you? What keeps you going? What helps you push through those times when your goal looks impossible?


  1. congrats, you’re a stronger woman than me. when it comes to sugar cravings i usually give in after a couple of hours. but if it doesn’t concern food, i can usually get through by being patient and distracting myself with other things. 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouraging comment. It all boils down to choices. Sometimes it is VERY hard. Sometimes we fall, but the important thing is to get up and keep going. No matter what!

  2. Way to go over the mountain, Ruth!

    It seems that hill looms for all of us. Most of the time, when I’m climbing it, I thank God for equipping me.

    Periodically I plop down on my butt and say, “Who cares?”

    God, in his wisdom, starts my back to aching, my neck to stiffening, and my dog to whining. “We need to move!” I don’t stay sitting long. 🙂 Our bodies were made to move. Sharing your journey is encouraging. Keep it up. 🙂

    • Thanks, Bobbi 🙂 I think we all have those times when we plop down and say, “Who cares?” I’m thankful God keeps us going when we feel like we can’t!

  3. Hi Ruth,
    Good for you. Choices – yes that is what it is. God gives us the choice, doesn’t He? I am allergic to many foods so I had to make the choice not to eat them – cane sugar, wheat, some dairy, potatoes and soy are the big ones. But once you decide then with God’s help you can do anything.
    Congratulations on a great start. Don’t give up.
    Janis http://www.janiscox.com

  4. Thanks, Janis 🙂 I appreciate your encouragement. You’re right, often the biggest step is making the choice. With God’s help, I will continue to follow through.

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