My Current Works in Progress

This is the sixth and final week in the blog hop I'm hosting for writers. Our topic this week is current work(s) in progress. If you'd like to share your current WIP with us, write a post and then come back and link in by clicking on the graphic above. If you're a reader, click on the graphic and … [Read more...]

My Writing Goals for 2014

NOTE: Writers: please click on the button above to share your blog link and participate in the blog hop. Readers: please click on the button to go to other writers' blogs. They will be sharing posts along the same theme as this one. “Write. Start writing today. Start writing right now. Don’t write … [Read more...]

Area author publishes novella | Cold Lake Sun

Area author publishes novella | Cold Lake Sun. By Theresa Seraphim, Cold Lake Sun Monday, December 16, 2013 12:03:24 MST PM “Cecile’s Christmas Miracle” is, indeed, ready for Christmas. Glendon author Ruth Snyder’s story was released on Dec. 4. It is currently available on Kobo and will be … [Read more...]

Blog Tour

Today I'm participating in a blog tour at the request of my friend and fellow author, Tracy Krauss. "Participating authors answer a series of questions about their writing, sharing their journey with other authors and interested folk." What are you working on right now? My first novella, Cecile's … [Read more...]

Announcing: Cecile’s Christmas Miracle

Today is the day Cecile's Christmas Miracle becomes available! You can download your copy from: Kobo Barnes & Noble At this point, the story is only available in e-book format. Keep your eyes and ears open for releases in print format in 2014. Synopsis: It's Christmas … [Read more...]

The Essence of Christmas

Writers are challenged to condense each story down to a one or two sentence tag line. What would be your "tagline" for Christmas? In other words, what does Christmas mean to you? If the pretty lights, snow, times with family and friends, baking, tasty treats, and frantic shopping disappeared, would … [Read more...]

Behind the Scenes – Cecile’s Christmas Miracle

In August 2013 I was invited to write a story for the Kathi Macias 12 Days of Christmas Series which is being published by Helping Hands Press. This story started over a year ago when I wrote a 1,000 word entry for a Fiction in Five contest. The prompt I received was: "Living in the desert at … [Read more...]

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