Stepping into 2016

I don't know about you, but for me 2015 was one of the most difficult years I've had. There are issues I'm still working through which I can't comment on, but in December my future was looking too dark for my comfort. I'm thankful that a few things happened in December to turn things around. *I … [Read more...]

Redefining Disability Week 2: How do you view the concept of disability?

    To be honest, the word disability irks me. I find it irritating that we use this word with its negative connotations to talk about fellow human beings who just happen to think, act, or look different than some of the rest of us. As a parent of five beautiful children who … [Read more...]

Adoption Blog Tour: My fears, hopes and dreams for our children

Adoption is a challenging journey. (You can read our family legacy story here.) An adoptive family experiences many joys and sorrows. Here are some things I celebrate as an adoptive parent: The day we brought each of our children home Hearing, “I love you!” Holding adoption orders in my hand … [Read more...]

Free Christmas Short Story!

  This month I would like to give you a Christmas short story called Hope for Jimmy. All you need to do to receive this story is fill in the form below with your name, e-mail address, and tell me what you'd like me to blog about in the coming year. I hope this story will remind you that … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Thank You from Helping Hands Press

This is a guest post from Helping Hands Press Thank You! We can’t say it any more plainly. As each day grows closer to those times of the year that makes one pause and reflect on what they are thankful for and what their year was like, we cannot help but come back to the one place any … [Read more...]

Name Conference: Marriages that Last

Yesterday at church we celebrated two marriages which have stood the test of time. One couple has been married for 53 years. The other couple celebrated 63 years of marriage. Have you ever wondered why some marriages fail while others thrive? Here's some more information that Bill and Pam … [Read more...]

NAME Conference: Men and Women Relieve Stress Differently

"The right amount of stress allows you to be everything God created you to be. We need to keep stress at a level to be productive." Bill & Pam Farrel The following information was shared by Bill & Pam Farrel at the 2014 NAME Marriage Conference. Women de-stress by talking things out … [Read more...]

Enjoying God’s Art Show

This morning as we were eating breakfast, the sunrise was breathtaking. I snapped a few pictures to share with you. Enjoy your day!             … [Read more...]

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