New Bestseller from Canadian Author, Ruth L. Snyder

Beginnging Steps 1

(Glendon, Alberta – April 27, 2015) Ruth L. Snyder, an author from Glendon, Alberta, hit Amazon’s Bestseller List with her book, Twitter: 10 Beginning Steps the first day the book was available for pre-sale and it remains there. In Learn Twitter: 10 Beginning Steps, Snyder explains the benefits of Twitter for writers and leads readers step by step through the process of setting up an effective account. Using this manual, readers learn the lingo, find their way around the Twitter dashboard, and start building relationships with their worldwide audience. She shares many tips and tricks to engage an audience and build a solid marketing platform in minutes a day.

Author Michaelann Smith says, “When I started reading this book, I had a Twitter account, however I had no idea what to do with it or how. Since I read this book and followed its very easy steps, I have a lovely Twitter homepage and have figured out whom to follow. Thanks for making the overwhelming world of Twitter understandable and very doable. I can’t wait to read more books in your series and learn how to tweet with the best of them.”

Snyder ventured into the virtual world of Twitter in 2009. She says, “Authors are busy people. Not only do we have to write, but we are also expected to connect with our readers. At first it can be overwhelming, but I’ve learned to do it by spending an average of ten minutes or less a day on Twitter.”

Ruth L. Snyder has had numerous articles, three novelettes, and one devotional book published. She has hit the Amazon bestseller list with all her published books. This is her first book in the Authors’ Social Media Mastery Series. She is working on Learn Twitter: 10 Intermediate Steps, which is scheduled to release later this year. Ruth is a member of The Word Guild and The Christian PEN. She currently serves as President of InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship


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Uplifting Devotionals for Parents: #1 on Amazon and receiving great reviews

Uplifting Devotionals for Parents #1 on Amazon Hot New Releases

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my newest release, Uplifting Devotionals for Parents. You helped me hit #1 on the Amazon Hot New Releases list! Uplifting Devotionals for Parents also made the Amazon Bestseller list for devotionals in both the e-book (#7) and book (#33) categories. Here are some reviews for the e-book:

“To me, Ruth Snyder’s Uplifting Devotionals for Parents is something new in the way of devotionals – a mixture of autobiography and sheer good sense, tied in with appropriate quotations from Scripture. Ruth Snyder looks at her own life, recognizes her needs, understands that others have the same needs and shares the wisdom she has discovered in the Bible.
Particular takeaways:
• We should share our journey with other woman who will be brutally honest with us,
• Quiet time is important – nurturing our own walk equips us to nurture our children.
She writes with a light touch and a lot of humour about the chaos that reigns in her household. I enjoyed learning about the hectic, beautiful, spirit-filled life of this kind and loving woman of God.” (Bobbie Cole)
“Ruth Snyder writes of life with kids in a clear and conversational tone that is a pleasure to read. Her thoughts are sure to draw parents closer to God as they relate to her day-to-day experiences and ponder how she copes. Parenting isn’t easy. These stories will help.” (Marcia Laycock)
“Though it’s very short, there are many rich, life-changing lessons packed into “Uplifting Devotionals …” The author shares from personal experience and yet, the lessons are important for all Christian parents. I would love to have had these devotionals when my children were growing up. My #1 “complaint” is that this work too short. I would love to see an expanded version. It may be a quick read, but the lessons – if learned and applied – will last a lifetime.” (Steph Beth)
“If you think you’re the only parent whose kids …… you’ll want to read Ruth Snyder’s Uplifting Devotionals for Parents. Her honesty and humour in dealing with a rowdy, dynamic, and very normal family brings God’s love into perspective in a gentle, accepting, and most of all, believable way. Parents, grandparents, and anyone who knows anyone raising kids will enjoy this short, but, yes, uplifting book.” (Bobbi)
“I could not stop reading until I read the whole thing. I enjoyed very much reading it, because it brought back memories for me when my children were growing up. We had five children and many foster children.
You become very vulnerable when you have special needs children  and it was good to read how you are dealing with some of the situations. There is a need for instructions to parents of children who have special needs.” (Addy Oberlin)
You can purchase your copy from or If you prefer to hold a paperback in your hands, be patient – Uplifting Devotionals for Parents will be released in paperback format along with devotionals from four fellow Canadian authors soon.