My Current Works in Progress

This is the sixth and final week in the blog hop I'm hosting for writers. Our topic this week is current work(s) in progress. If you'd like to share your current WIP with us, write a post and then come back and link in by clicking on the graphic above. If you're a reader, click on the graphic and … [Read more...]

Update on the San Francisco Wedding Planner Series

The San Francisco Wedding Planner series, a light romance published by Helping Hands Press, is one of my current works in progress. There are six of us participating in this project. Volume one introduced the series with each of the participating authors writing one of the chapters in the volume. … [Read more...]

My Favourite Genre

My favourite genre (to read and write) is historical fiction. My fascination with this genre was more than likely cultivated by the many missionary biographies I read as a child. I loved "visiting" different cultures and learning spiritual lessons along with the main characters. Historical fiction … [Read more...]

Advice to Beginning Writers

NOTE: This is week 4 of our Writers' Blog Hop. The theme this week is advice I'd give to a newbie writer. Click on the link below to check out what other writers have to say about the topic. Dear Beginning Writer, It wasn't too long ago that I stood in your shoes. Although I've been an avid reader … [Read more...]

Anna Tymchuk – My Hero in Olga’s Discovery

NOTE: This is the third topic in a blog hop I’m hosting for writers. To check out what other writers have to say on this topic, click on the button below:Today I would like to introduce you to Anna Tymchuck, a minor character from my historical fiction book, Olga's Discovery. The stock photo below … [Read more...]

Blog Tour

Today I'm participating in a blog tour at the request of my friend and fellow author, Tracy Krauss. "Participating authors answer a series of questions about their writing, sharing their journey with other authors and interested folk." What are you working on right now? My first novella, Cecile's … [Read more...]

Book Review: Fatherless – Ruth L. Snyder

Title: Fatherless Authors: Dr. James Dobson and Kurt Bruner Pages: 431 Publisher: FaithWords (a division of Hachette Book Group, Inc.) Date of Publication: January 2013 What will our world be like in 2042 if we follow the current moral trajectory? Dr. James Dobson and Kurt Bruner team up to … [Read more...]

A Novel Challenge – Ruth L. Snyder

I took the plunge! I have signed up for a course with the Long Ridge Writers Group with the goal of writing a novel. The course assignments are: Novel ideas: identifying genre, main characters, and general plot Create your main characters Plan your plot Write your first chapter Create chapter … [Read more...]

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