Painting Lessons

It seems like lately every time I ask my three-year-old what she wants to do, her reply is, "Let's paint!" Today was no exception. First we tried out finger paints. She was OK with dipping her fingers into the pots and dabbing the paint onto the paper. However, when I suggested she put paint on her … [Read more...]


Have you noticed that the most inexpensive things make the greatest toys? I clearly remember a Christmas from my childhood when my parents spent more money than usual on our toys. They were looking forward to watching us play with our new toys. However, we surprised them. Instead of playing with our … [Read more...]

The End of 2011

As I write this post, I am sitting beside my younger children who are watching Paddington Bear. My husband and oldest child are at a New Year's Eve party. On Facebook my cousin mentioned he is also home with the kids, one of whom is ill. Parents often end up celebrating events in ways that would … [Read more...]

The Rush to the Bus

Getting kids out the door to the bus every morning can be challenging enough for most families. However, when kids have special needs, the challenge is even greater. Parents of kids with special needs perform a delicate dance each day - taking into account the individual needs of each child while … [Read more...]

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