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Day 7 – It’s NOT all about you #10DaySMChallenge

Social Media Challenge

Welcome to Day 7 of our 10-Day Social Media Challenge!

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Here is an overview of what we will be doing during this challenge:

Day 1 – Get Ready!

Day 2 – Automate & Systematize

Day 3 – Hashtags Matter

Day 4 – Events & Promotions

Day 5 – Share Your Content (Let your followers know what’s happening right now)

Day 6 – Evergreen posts (Tell new fans about your best stuff from the past)

Day 7 – It’s not all about you

Day 8 – Images, quotes, and inspiration

Day 9 – Your Social Media Plan

Day 10 – Wrapping it all up

It’s NOT All About You!

Sure, the point of social sharing is to drive traffic back to your site, but if all you ever do is shout “Me, me, me!” even your biggest fans will stop listening.

Be sure you’re adding in a good selection of content from other providers as well.

By finding and sharing the best content in your industry, you will quickly become known as the go-to person in your market.

Consider sharing:

  • Infographics. Ideal for condensing large amounts of data into a small space, infographics are popular on nearly all social media platforms. (Pinterest is a great place to look for these!)
  • How-to articles. Depending on your market, how-to articles can be one of the most important types of content you create or share. (Do a search on Google or your favourite browser!)
  • Viral videos. Whether they’re funny, helpful, or just plain entertaining, videos are almost always a hit. (Youtube, Godtube)

Ideally, you’ll want to share content from complementary businesses, but done right, you can even mix in articles and videos produced by your competition. Consider adding your own thoughts about the content, ask questions of your readers, and if you can, use an affiliate link.

Another option when sharing this type of curated content is to write a short post on your own site, and then link to the original content from there. When you share on social media, share the post you created. It’s an extra click for your readers to get to the original, but it will improve your traffic numbers.

Short of ideas on what to curate? Keep a list of go-to sites you can check weekly for new content.

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Day 7 Assignment

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