Week 2: Exercise progress report

10 Jan 2014 Ruth L Snyder

It’s Friday. Time to check in and let you know how the exercise adventure is going.

  • I’ve managed to walk on the treadmill every day since I started, except for Sundays.
  • I use the i-fit walking program 3 days a week and design my own the other three days. The i-fit program focuses more on strength training, so I’m working on endurance every other day.
  • One of my friends encouraged me to “Start priming your subconscious by imagining that you love exercise, that you love how you feel when you are on the treadmill. Try it, by envisioning a positive experience and mentally rehearsing how great it is going to feel, gamboling like a calf on your treadmill.” I’ve found that if I can distract myself from thinking about the process of exercise, it’s more enjoyable. One way I do this is to work on memorizing Scripture while I walk. That way I’m thinking about Scripture rather than how I feel about exercising.
  • I’ve discovered that I can watch videos while I exercise. This makes my time on the treadmill more enjoyable and I feel good because I’m exercising my mind as well as my body. One of my favourite video sites is Ted Talks. This is one of the videos I watched this week. [ted id=1900]
  • Before I even watched the video, I had decided to focus on sustainable life changes rather than dieting. That’s why I picked walking on the treadmill. I can exercise at home, at whatever time of day works for me. That makes it harder for me to make excuses.
  • Although I have set a weight loss goal for myself, I’m focusing more on getting fit.
  • I’ve been encouraged by the fact that I’m not huffing and puffing as much when I do my walking. I still work up a good sweat, and my heart rate is still elevated, but I can actually carry on a conversation if one of my kids comes to talk to me in the middle of my walk.
  • Exercising has made me more aware of what I eat. When I walk for 20-30 minutes, my treadmill tells me I’ve burned about 150 calories. When I’m tempted to eat too many treats, I think of the work I’ll have to do to burn those calories and often skip the treat.
  • When I thought about healthy changes I could make, I made a choice to stop eating after supper. So far, so good. The one night I struggled with this the most was last Sunday. Since then it’s just been something I expect of myself.

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