What is in your hand?

This blog has been silent for a while. I’ve been taking time to be still before God and ask Him what direction He wants to me take in my writing/blog/business. I don’t know about you, but I’m more like Martha than Mary. I’d rather be busy doing than be sitting still listening.

I’ve been thinking about things that I’m passionate about, things that energize me, things that are fun for me to do. These include:

  • Taking pictures
  • Creating graphics
  • Encouraging/mentoring people
  • Hearing how God is at work in people’s lives

For some people, social media is a waste of time, frustrating, confusing. That’s definitely not the case for me. Looking at the points I mentioned above, that makes sense – pictures and interaction with people are key on social media. In the new year, I will be sharing more. 

Melanie Fischer, one of my InScribe friends, wrote a great post about The Power of One. That reminded me of the poem above which was given to me when I worked as a school board trustee. 

What are you passionate about? What energizes you? What is fun for you? Are you participating, helping, practicing, being kind, working, inspiring, enriching, serving, growing, acting, and being good for something? 



  1. I think we all need to take a few moments sometimes to refocus. I loved melanie’s post on the Incribe blog that you refer to as well. Very powerful

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