Rolling around

Rolling in a drumHave you noticed that the most inexpensive things make the greatest toys? I clearly remember a Christmas from my childhood when my parents spent more money than usual on our toys. They were looking forward to watching us play with our new toys. However, we surprised them. Instead of playing with our expensive toys, we played for hours with the empty shipping drums in our yard. We found countless ways to use those drums – standing on top and rolling the drum along while we walked (or ran), having races with the drums, curling up inside the drums and rolling down a hill then laughing like crazy because we were dizzy. You get the picture.Ball or apple?

My own children reminded me today to keep things simple. My three-year-old daughter asked for an apple. I thought she was going to eat it. Instead she and one of her brothers rolled it back and forth across the table. The fact the apple was not perfectly round just added some excitement to the game. The apple kept them happy for a good half hour before it finally became a snack.

Do you have any similar stories to share?

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