New Year’s Resolutions NO! My Goals for 2013 – Ruth L. Snyder


Although I do not make New Year’s Resolutions, I do review the past year and write down some goals for the coming year. I find it encouraging to review the progress I made in the past year and inspiring to think ahead to where I want to be a year from now. Here is what I’ve come up with for 2013. Feel free to ask how the goals are going!


1. Gifts from God Jar: I have placed a jar on my kitchen counter with the label, “Gifts from God”. I aim to place at least one slip of paper into the jar each day noting the special things God gives me/does for me each day.

2. Exercise: This is an area I’ve struggled with for many years. Although I enjoy volleyball and curling, I find it difficult to be consistent in getting the exercise my body needs. I purchased a treadmill a couple of months ago. My aim is to use the treadmill (or participate in a similar form of exercise) at least three times a week.


1. Devotions together My husband and I both lead very busy lives. Spending time together reading God’s Word and praying together helps to keep us connected and communicating openly. My aim is to make sure this happens at least three times a week throughout this year.

2. Weekend Away We have five children. I’m looking forward to attending the Break Forth conference with my husband at the end of January. Grandma Snyder does a wonderful job of caring for our kids while we are away!


1. Time with Children:  It is easy for our family to be pulled in different directions with our individual interests and activities. My goal is to do something special with each of my five children at least once a week.

2. Prayer: My children need guidance and protection in their spiritual lives. My goal is to pray for each of them at least once a day.

3. Family Activity: My children need quality time and quantity time. My goal is to plan at least one fun family activity we can do together each month. Any ideas out there?


1. Playground: I presently serve as the president of the Glendon Playground and Park Society. We’ve been busy raising funds. My goal is to install at least one playground facility this year.

2. Bible Study: A couple friends and I are currently meeting every Thursday for Bible Study. We are all busy and it’s tempting to cancel this time or schedule other activities. My goal is to continue to learn and grow together spiritually by meeting regularly.


1. Novel Writing Course: I’m currently enrolled with the Longridge Writers’ Group in a course called, “Shape, Write, and Sell Your Novel”. I’m working on lesson 6 out of 8 and aim to have the course completed during 2013.

2. Blog: In my busyness with other projects, I’ve neglected my own blog. I aim to correct that this year by posting on this blog at least twice a month. I hope you’ll come back and check in with me on a regular basis.

3. Twitter Resource: I’ve enjoyed learning about Twitter and how to use it effectively as a writer. In the past year I’ve been asked to present workshops on Twitter a couple of times. This year I would like to develop a webinar and an ebook which will make the information available to a broader audience.


1. Relationship Building: As a school board trustee with Northern Lights School Division No. 69, it is my duty to represent a broad range of stakeholders. My goal this year is to continue to build relationships with these stakeholders so that I can listen to their input and make responsible decisions on their behalf. I look forward to attending school council meetings, talking with administrators, spending time with students, and listening to community members  whether they have children in school or not.

2. Municipal Election: The next Municipal Election in Alberta is scheduled for October 21, 2013. My goal is to be prepared  and put my name forward again in the school board election.


1. Marketing: I currently serve as the publicity coordinator for ICWF. This year I want to expand our marketing by developing a LinkedIn Company Page, by writing and submitting news releases at least four times this year, and by continuing to develop the professional blog associated with our website.

2. Leadership Capacity: My goal is to develop more leadership capacity within ICWF, encouraging others to develop and use the skills they have to build our organization.

3. Membership: I know there are many Christian writers or potential Christian writers who need encouragement and support. My goal is to attract these people to ICWF through targeted emails, phone calls, invitations to events, and even possibly offering the opportunity to participate in our conference via live streaming.

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