Prayer for the Oppressed

I was challenged by Shelley Faust of Proverbs 31 Ministries to write a prayer on behalf of women and children caught in the web of human trafficking. If you are concerned about the 27 million people around the world who are slaves because of other peoples’ choices, check out the A21 website.


Father God,

I cry out to you today on behalf of the millions of women and children around the world who have been forced to become sex slaves. Father, you know that many governments turn a blind eye to human trafficking. Wake them up from their apathy. Help them to see other people as valuable. Prevent them from taking bribes which blind their eyes (Deuteronomy 16: 19) Open their eyes to justice and to the power they have to make a difference. Help them to understand the devastation human trafficking wreaks upon individuals, society, and the world.

Father, you are all-knowing. You see everything. You hear the cries of these women and girls who want to be loved and accepted, but are forced to give up their souls. Move the hearts of officials in high places. Help them to take steps to stop those who take advantage of people because they are poor (Amos 5:12).

Father, your word says that we should speak the truth to one another (Zechariah 8:16). Help government officials not to hide the truth. Help them to be honest with themselves and with those they serve. Your word says that those who judge with truth will have peace. Break the chains of silence, the bondage of bribes, and help governments to stand up for truth. Open their eyes to the needs of the oppressed and cause them to take action.

In Jesus’ name,


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