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Robin Williams quote

Robin Williams quote

Words are essential to writers, who need to find the exact nuance to help readers picture what we’re describing with our words. According to the Global Language Monitor, there are about 1 million English words.  Most dictionaries only have 200-600,000 words in them. The average high school graduate has a vocabulary of  approximately 45-60,000 words.

Although I’ve been able to get some writing done this summer, I have spent most of my time relaxing with my kids, enjoying time with relatives, and trying out some fun quizzes.

Today I thought I share some of my fun with you. Try this quiz and see how many “words of the day” from Dictionary.com you know. These kinds of quizzes are a great way to expand our vocabulary. If grammar is more your thing, try out this quiz on subject-verb agreement or the syntaxis quiz.

There are even quizzes to help you figure out what type of writer you should be.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this departure from my usual blogs. If you try out a quiz, let me know how you did and what surprised you. Feel free to share links to other quizzes you’ve tried and enjoyed 🙂



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