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Today I welcome my friend and fellow author, Tracy Krauss, to my blog.

Tracy Krauss writes contemporary Christian romance with a twist of suspense and a touch of humor. Her books strike a chord with those looking for a hard hitting yet thought provoking read – no sugar added. Her work has won multiple awards and has been on Amazon’s bestsellers’ lists. She also writes stage plays tailored to a high school audience, and has contributed to several anthologies, devotional books, and one illustrated children’s book. Tracy has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan and teaches secondary school Art, Drama and English – all things she is passionate about. She and her husband have lived in five provinces and territories including many remote and unique places in Canada’s far north. They have four grown children and now reside in beautiful Tumbler Ridge, BC where she continues to pursue all of her creative interests. For more information visit her website at“Fiction on the edge – without crossing the line”

Q: Tell us about your upbringing and early memories.

A: I am the youngest of five and was raised in small town Saskatchewan. My mom was a teacher and my dad was an ‘entrepreneur’ – in other words, he had lots of different jobs and we moved from house to house about 15 times before I left home. I think it made me adaptable. I loved drawing from an early age and could usually be found with a pencil and paper.


Q: Describe what led you to accept God’s gift of salvation. How old were you?

A: I made a decision for Christ the year I turned twenty, but previous to that, my mom had become a Christian and relentlessly prayed for all of us. I had some knowledge about the Bible because she had read to us as children and I also went to youth group in my Grade 12 year because there was a boy that I liked that went. J It wasn’t until I was in University and involved in the party scene that I accepted Christ. It was an unlikely looking biker who witnessed to me. He had just accepted Christ and even though he still smoked and probably did other things, as a baby believer he took witnessing seriously. His testimony, combined with my mother’s witness, finally got through to me.


Q: When did you first become interested in writing?

A: I wrote my first play in Grade Four and I always did well in composition at school. My English 12 teacher encouraged me to go to a writing camp one summer but I didn’t go. I was more interested in the visual arts as an outlet. It was after I had my first child that I started clacking away at the typewriter when she was down for her nap. I was hooked. Thirty years later, I’m still at it.


Q: How would you define a successful writer?

A: I try to measure success in the impact I have on people’s lives. Obviously, money would be nice, as would sales numbers, but the best feeling for me is when I find out one of my books resonated with another person.  


Q: What advice would you give a beginning writer?

A: Never give up. Keep on writing, keep on learning, keep on growing.


Q: Tell us about your current work in progress.

A: It’s a sequel to Wind Over Marshdale set in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It follows the life of Thomas Lone Wolf’s niece Tanzi, whom we meet in a previous novella, Lone Wolf. She is determined to rise above the rough circumstances of her childhood, but is dealing with an alcoholic mother, a rebellious teenaged sister, the injustice of her brother’s wrongful incarceration, and an unexpected romantic interest in a man she isn’t sure she can trust.


Q: How has being a Christian impacted your life path?

A: It’s been everything. I honestly can’t imagine my life without Christ. I sometimes wonder how people manage otherwise.


Q: What epitaph would you like on your tombstone?

A: Dancing with Jesus.

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