30 Day Vlogging Challenge

Vlogging Challenge

Vlogging Challenge

I am entering a 30 day challenge that is really going to stretch me! [tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]In April I’m going to try to video something every day. #VEDA #30DVC [/tweet_box]Here are the challenge instructions:

Welcome! Ready, Set, Vlog!!

We have a challenging 30 days ahead… But together we can succeed!

Start filming April 1st!

1. You must film every day. DUH!

2. Create a separate video for each day.

3. Number your videos. Put your number at the very end of your video title. – advice from YouTube.com. This is for accountability!

4. Try to post within a day… don’t get backed up! The most important thing is that you film every day. Try to get your editing done before you start filming your next vlog! If your editing gets pushed back too many days, you may get too far behind to recover.

Upload to YouTube and/or Facebook

5. Promote the challenge: ‪#‎30dvc‬

To be successful, you must be held accountable. You don’t have to do this alone! As a community, we will encourage each other along!!

To have your YouTube feed posted along with the other 30 Day Vloggers, email me:
-once submitted, your feed will automatically update at http://30dayvloggingchallenge.blogspot.com

Once you have your first episode: post it to the group!

Here’s my video from today, which I created on iMovie.


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