Twitter Adventures – Part 1

My first encounter with Twitter was in June 2009, shortly after I attended my first writer’s conference. At the time I had 5 children ages 1 – 11 and a fellow writer encouraged me to try using Twitter as a mini-blog. Learning how to use Twitter effectively was fun. I thought it was that way for everyone…until people started asking me how to do it. They wanted me to write a book about it!

Learn Twitter book cover

On April 24, 2015, Learn Twitter: 10 Beginning Steps went live on Amazon as a Kindle book. Learn Twitter: 10 Intermediate Steps went live on July 14, 2015. People asked for a paperback version, so I updated the information and Twitter Decoded went live on July 14, 2016.

A few weeks ago people started asking me about my Twitter books again. A publisher asked if it is still available and said he is looking for a book to recommend to authors. I told him it is available, but it needs to be updated again since social media changes so much. My plan is to update the material already in Twitter Decoded and also add the 3rd part (Learn Twitter: 10 Advanced Steps) that I didn’t get written before. My coach has also suggested I create a course with the material.

I’ve just started researching some of the new features available on Twitter. Here are three I have found so far:

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is similar to Clubhouse. You as a host are able to invite up to 2 co-hosts and 10 speakers. Your co-hosts are able to help you manage participants and pin Tweets. IOS users are able to buy tickets for spaces that are ticketed. Twitter is working on adding features to spaces like enabling people to search for live and upcoming spaces by title, host name, and host handle.

Twitter DM’s

Although you have been able to send Direct Messages on Twitter for a while, Twitter is now adding a feature that will allow you to DM up to 20 people at a time. You will also be able to search your messages, which will be grouped by the day you sent them.

Twitter Tipping

Many social media sites have ways you can show you appreciate someone’s posts. Twitter offers the option to send tips to show your appreciation. The money you send goes directly to the person without any deductions from Twitter.

Do you have suggestions?

I will continue to update you on my Twitter Adventures every couple of weeks or so. Please give me your feedback. Are you on Twitter? What do you find most useful? What would you like to learn how to use more effectively?

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