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I want to share 10 ideas for tweets to help you have a variety that is interesting and will draw your audience to you because sometimes the hardest part of learning to tweet well is thinking of ideas to tweet about.

  1. Share what you are passionate about. We all know something and are passionate about something. So, share that knowledge. Share what you love and help us learn more about you and your passion.
  2. Share Your Blog Post. You could take what you teach and share it on your blog. You could also take what you teach and share it in a video like I’m doing. You could take what you teach and share a meme, and then tweet about all of those.
  3. Invite people to one of your events. Maybe you’re teaching people how to use Twitter spaces like I am, or maybe you’re teaching somebody how to host a webinar, or maybe you’re teaching people how to find clients or build a community Whatever it is, often you will have an associated event. So, whether it’s a Facebook challenge or a webinar or an in-person event, you’re going to want to invite people to come and join. You tweet about it and invite people that way.
  4. Announce your launch. If you’re an author or a course creator, announce your launch on Twitter. Or, maybe you want to announce the launch of your podcast like I did back in January. Jeff Goins has given a suggestion for creating tweets that I’ve found helpful. I don’t necessarily use all of those in every tweet as you’ll notice, but it’s something good to keep in mind.
  5. Provide a discount code or share a link to buy me a coffee. Often we put our books on sale, or we have, a discount available for courses for black Friday or Thanksgiving or something like that. So you can put your things on sale, your books or your courses, and then provide discount codes that are unique to people that see your content on social media. And that’s a really good way to track where people are coming from as well.
  6. Buy Me a Coffee is an opportunity for people who appreciate your work to give you money. You can find me at buymeacoffee.com/RuthLSnyder. People are not getting anything other than the value that you share, but this provides the opportunity for people to give you five to ten dollars or increments of $5. So maybe they want to give you $10 or $15 or $20 just to show their appreciation for your content. It’s a fun way for creators to encourage their audience to support them. When you ask for a smaller donation, more people are likely to take you up on the offer and to show their appreciation that way.
  7. Pay with a tweet. Maybe you are going to provide a free sample of your book or a free chapter, or a free sample of a product that you’ve created. Maybe you want to provide the first lesson of your course for free and ask people to pay with a tweet. So basically what they do is they tweet about your free product or chapter or book, whatever it is, and they tag you. So they use the at symbol with your username and that way, you know that they tweeted about your product, and then you are able to give them the free product in exchange. It’s kind of like exchanging a lead magnet for an email, except this is on Twitter.
  8. Congratulate others. I often do this instead of just retweeting something. I will quote the tweet and then at the top I will respond in some way. Often it is with congratulations. If I notice that somebody was successful in a film festival or launched their book, or even had an event in their family, like a new baby, it’s nice to congratulate others and let them know that you’re paying attention to them and what is happening in their lives.
  9. Photos and memes. I don’t know if you have paid attention to which tweets get the most retweets and likes. If you haven’t been paying attention to that, maybe you want to go back to your Twitter profile and check that out. See which tweets you have shared and compare the tweets with just text to the tweets with photos or memes. (Click on “More” in the menu and then click on “analytics” to find information on what’s working best for you.) I find that photos and memes often gather more attention, especially if it’s a beautiful photo or if it’s a meme that has a quote that is engaging or makes people think, or is humorous. People enjoy content like that.
  10. Promote a contest or create a video. Maybe you want to run a contest and give your book or your course as a prize. So you can create tweets around that idea.Lately I have found that when I host a space, one thing that I really enjoy doing is creating videos. I go on Canva.com and I use their square template. Then I find something that draws attention. For instance, recently I created a movie that has information about the next space I’m hosting—the date and the time and the topic of discussion. Then at the bottom I found, a meme. It was actually a video on Canva of a globe spinning slowly, and it had space on the other side. And so I used that space to share questions that we’re going to be discussing in our space. So you could do that for anything that you’re posting. And again, that gathers more attention because it’s moving. It’s something that catches the eyes.

I mentioned you can share inspiring quotes in many ways. You can do it just with text. You can find a photo that matches the quote and put the text and then the photo underneath, or you can create a meme on a program like Canva.com or picmonkey or whatever program you like to use. Some of my friends who are less techy, really like word swag for that, because it is easier to use. (The meme at the top of this post was created on Canva.)

I’m curious. What’s your favourite way to communicate on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below. You may also want to listen in to my recent interview with Billy Dees.

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