How to Follow People and Find Followers on Twitter


Once you’ve opened an account and you are starting to post tweets, how do you find people that will follow you and interact with you on Twitter?

Follow people who provide interesting information

One of the first things that I would do is (it will take some time and you might want to spend five to 10 minutes every day doing this), just scrolling through the Twitter feed and interacting with people and seeing what is interesting and helpful for you as a business person or an author and follow those people who are posting the content that is helpful for you.

Follow people who follow those you are following

Once you follow someone, then go into their account and look at their followers and see if there are other people there that would be good for your business. What do I mean by good for your business? You want to look for people who are talking about the pain points that you help solve. So if you’re a marketer and you help people find clients and people are asking, how do you find followers? Or how do you build a list? Or how do you get your book into the hands of other people? Those are people that you want to follow because they are possible clients for you and your business. If you are an entrepreneur and you help people with clarity, you want to find people who are trying to nail down their niche or people that are looking for ways to build their community.

A common mistake

This is a common mistake that I see. Often authors will look for other authors to follow, and that’s good to a point, but remember that other authors aren’t necessarily going to be the ones who buy your book. Think about who is going to buy your book. If you are writing children’s books, it’s going to be parents or grandparents, or maybe teachers who buy your books. So look for those kind of people to follow. If you are an entrepreneur, then you want to look for people who are going to buy the products that you have to offer. If you’re offering coaching, then you want to look for people who are looking for help in building their business or writing their book or whatever you help coach them through.

Use the search bar

Another thing that you can do is use the search bar, which is usually close to the top. Find the search section and put a topic in there. Sometimes it’s easier if you use a hashtag, (the pound sign # and a word that relates to your business or the pain point of people who might be wanting to follow you). If you’re an author, a couple of hashtags that are very popular are, #amwriting or #writing community or #newbook. Whatever you want to search, put that into the search bar and decide who you want to follow. Again, every time you follow someone, open up their profile, look through their followers and look who they’re following.

Use Twitter lists

Another thing that you can do is use the Twitter lists option. Click or tap on the list feature, and it will bring up the lists that have you on them already. (You may not even be aware of the lists that people add you to.) Usually Twitter does notify you, but it’s easy to miss those notifications. When people add you to their list, you can go into the list and you can look and see again, who is on the list and decide who you want to follow. What I like about lists is you can either follow the whole list or you can go individually through the list and see who’s on the list and follow individuals.

You can also create your own list. If you have people who have purchased your book, you can add them to your list as people who may be interested in your next book. If you have people who have taken coaching from you or purchased your product again, you can make a list of clients. Maybe you want to have a list of influencers. Whatever you want, you can create a list.

Import your email list

Another helpful way to find people to follow is to just import your whole email list. If people are on your email list, they are already interested in you and what you have to offer. Twitter will help you find people from your email list who have profiles on Twitter. Then you can follow and connect with them and they can become your Twitter followers as well. It’s just another touch point of connection that you can use. Two websites that are helpful in finding people that you might want to follow are and

Twitter suggestions for followers

Twitter itself will give you suggestions based on who you already follow. So you can look at the suggestions that Twitter gives you and decide whether you want to follow those people as well. If you find anything helpful on a person’s profile, you can add that person as your follower. I find that the more you follow people and the more you interact with people, the more followers you get and the faster you will grow your connections on Twitter. You can do this fairly quickly compared to other social media platforms. If you’re consistent and follow a hundred people every day, it won’t be very long before you have thousands of followers. You don’t need to pay for followers. In fact, I strongly discourage you from doing that because Twitter will penalize you if they find out that you are paying for lists of followers. You want to build your following organically, and it’s not hard to do.

Follow some influencers

You may also want to try following some influencers in your area of expertise. If there’s a popular author or there’s a coach that’s well known, you can type their name into the search bar and find out who they are following and who’s following them. And again, find more followers that way.

Happy following! In upcoming posts, I will be sharing information about Twitter’s version of social audio. If you want to know more, Learn more about Twitter Spaces! Download a free copy of my new book #LEARN TWITTER SPACES.

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