Rooted in the Wind: A Pilgrim’s Journey


One-page vignettes of the author’s life along with scriptures for reflection.


By Dale L. Snyder

Sometimes, many times, I did not know what God was doing in my life – He did it anyway!

As I look in the rear-view mirror of my life, I am amazed, amazed at how God took me by the hand, prepared me for this life He planned, interrupted me, lifted me above the sordid world, checked me, took over completely when I could not see a thing ahead, held me when there was no one else to turn to, led me in a path that I could not possibly have dreamed of. Ever since my new birth in Christ, I have been rooted in and led by the Spirit of the Living God, through my childhood years of hardship and joys, through the maze of the teenage years, the unknowing days, the vacillations. God kept my focus seven years so that from my calling to my arrival among the Kayapo people, there were things that He alone did – and I stood in awe and wonder at being rooted in and moved about by the wind of God’s Holy Spirit.

The incidents recorded here are all true.

Rooted in the Wind by Dale L. Snyder



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