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Ruth L. Snyder

Coaching will help you assimilate key principles into your life that will enable you to create more deeply and consistently. Coaching sessions will guide you in choosing achievable goals and equip you with simple strategies that will empower you to meet your goals. Ruth has experience helping authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs.

Accountability, encouragement, reflection, success, and celebration are all part of the coaching experience. This type of coaching is especially helpful for those who want help achieving goals and developing a successful career. If you are an entrepreneur trying to figure out how to move ahead in your work and life, RLS Creativity Coaching can help. 

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Creativity Press is a Christian Publisher that specializes in publishing  books by independent Christian entrepreneurs. Market research, Formatting ebooks and print books, gathering all the necessary pieces, uploading your book(s), planning your book launch, and creating a marketing plan are all services we provide. 

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How to Follow People and Find Followers on Twitter

By Ruth L Snyder | June 30, 2022 |

Once you’ve opened an account and you are starting to post tweets, how do you find people that will follow you and interact with you on Twitter? Follow people who provide interesting information One of the first things that I would do is (it will take some time and you might want to spend five to 10 minutes every day doing this), just scrolling through the Twitter feed and interacting with people and seeing what is interesting and helpful for you as a business person or an author and follow those people who are posting the content that is helpful for you. Follow people who follow those you are following Once you follow someone, then go into their account and look at their followers…

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You can write and publish your book this year!

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Brenda C. Poulos

Author of Christian Fiction and the I Remember Series of Interactive Picture Books:

"Ruth L. Snyder has worked with me on two interactive picture books. I am looking forward to using her skills on my third book in the next couple of months. She is a rare jewel—a combination of honesty, professionalism, and reliability. I consider it a blessing to work with another person who understands the Christian Worldview and helps my books portray the love of Christ throughout each page.”


Cheryl Guidry

"The process of writing, editing and preparing to publish a book has been a daunting task. Before my discovery call with Ruth, I had all but given up on the aspirations of becoming a published author. It has taken me over six and a half years, three different companies and lots of money (that I couldn't afford to lose), to find someone who could connect with the heart and vision of the project. During the call, she helped to bring clarity and a renewed focus to a dormant dream in my heart. I now have a reignited hope of getting my message out to the world. "